Apple Might Not Offer Netflix Like TV Shows And Movies To Its Users

Apple Might Not Offer Netflix Like TV Shows And Movies To Its Users


The movie streaming industry is getting entirely changing because now many big companies are trying to enter into this sector, and one of them is Apple Inc. Apple is that tech giant company which has recently launched its plan of creating a movie streaming platform for its users called Apple TV. Spokesperson of Apple said that they are not going to use Netflix model for creating movies and TV shows. Usually, Netflix is following that model, which requires them to produce a massive amount of films every year. However, Apple said that they don’t like to go that way, and they will be making very few movies and TV shows, which will be quality focused. Apple is trying to create a new type of films and TV shows.

Accordingly, they are trying to create a limited number of movies so that people would spend their time watching the content. Netflix, on the other hand, in comparison, doesn’t follow this method, and they are spending billions of dollars in creating movies plus shows. Apple TV, on the other hand, has already started to work with renowned actors and directors for producing films for their platform. Netflix has received criticism recently for creating very few amounts of watchable content on their platform also now Apple wants to leverage it.

Apple TV+ is going to rely more on originals and not on buying movies or TV shows from other production houses. Netflix is already facing a massive amount of competition since Disney+ is launching its movie streaming service. Now Apple is trying to come up with their new strategy of making a limited amount of movies and TV shows. Even though it’s not sure whether this new strategy is going to work or not, but it one thing is sure that Apple is going to make lots of difference in the movie streaming business.

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