Google Assistant Testing Unified Notification For Smartphones To Improve Users’ Experience


Tech giant Google is considering some major changes to Google Assistant. The new changes will change the way users get notification alerts. The company said Google Assistant is already testing unified notification for smartphones. The feature will give users more control over smartphone notifications. The digital assistant by Google sends notifications to users about upcoming flights, hotel bookings, events and more. To personalize it, users have to navigate through the App info. But this will be changed soon with the latest Google Assistant update. The new feature replaces the toggle for email notifications settings. It can be found inside the settings option.

The new Google Assistant update gives users options to tweak email notifications. Besides, they will also get some phone-centric settings with the release of the update. It primarily aims to make notification controls easy to access. Under the Extended Responses tab, users will be able to enable or disable the notifications. The notification can be set separately for different services like Maps, Translations, Sports updates, and others. The AI-powered virtual assistant is available on both Android and iOS. It is also available on smart home devices. It was unveiled at the 2016 Google I/O developer conference. The software was first made available on the Google Pixel phone the same year. It is different from the previous virtual assistant Google Now.

Google Assistant is getting more functionality gradually to improve the experience of users. Late last year, Android rolled out Google Assistant-powered Ambient Mode. The mode was available on select Android devices. The feature brought additional functionality to a smartphone’s lock screen when the device is plugged into an AC charging socket. It allows users to perform tasks like controlling the songs track, Google Photos, and others without unlocking the device. The company also launched the real-time translation tool to Assistant for Android and iOS users. The interpreter mode works with 44 languages. It can be invoked by just saying ‘Hey Google, help me speak Thai’ or ‘Hey Google, be my German translator’.