Top 10 Data Management Software And Platforms

Get Ahead Of The Curve: Top 10 Data Management Software And Platforms To Look Out For 2022


This article will discuss the top 10 data management software and platforms you can use in 2022. In today’s data-centric world, software and data management platforms are plentiful in demand and rising in popularity worldwide. Now, data companies are beginning to understand how data management solutions can transform real-time data into insightful information that will improve consumer interaction.

In addition, the data management platforms assist in audience segmentation and scaling, audience analysis, and seamless customer acquisition. The following platforms for data management software or data management have proven beneficial for growing revenue for data professionals.


Top 10 Data Management Software And Platforms In 2022

#1. MongoDB

MongoDB is renowned as a multi-cloud data management platform. Also, it is well-known for its integrated suite of data services and cloud database in order to facilitate creating with data. It provides a document model that includes many elements such as graphs, key-value pair, time series, geospatial, relationships, objects, etc. Additionally, data professionals working for data firms may construct a cloud database in a matter of seconds with the CLI, Atlas UI, Infrastructure-as-Code resource provider, and other tools.

#2. Nielsen Marketing Cloud

It is excellent data management software that provides media planning, audience measurement, content metadata, and marketing optimization. Additionally, it gives data firms access to an extensive range of Nielsen audience data. It uses both Nielsen AI and built-in analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and make adjustments for data firms in real-time. It enables data experts to manage, activate, customize, and analyze audience data more effectively.

#3. Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is one of the best solutions for managing data to have a comprehensive picture of customers. This next-generation data management tool assists in collaborating with a wide range of experience-oriented technologies for various data firms to work with growing data sources. In addition, the fusion of several data sources, including point-of-sale, CRM, and many others, is helpful. Identity management, Device graphs, and other profitable features are available with Adobe Audience Manager.

#4. OrientDB

OrientDB gives data professionals a place to discuss ideas and share experiences by providing a data management platform with relevant and relatable data. It offers a command-line console for efficiently and effectively managing databases via a terminal console interface and a graph editor for data modification, interaction, data visualization, and studio query.

#5. Interbase

One top data management software is Interbase, which offers a wide range of features, excellent speed, quick performance, and scalability. In addition, Interbase provides data experts with change synchronization, disaster recovery, and multi-dimensional data security for embedding a safe and low-cost database. It is the first-ever data management tool for implementing multi-version concurrency control, often known as multi-generational architecture.

#6. CouchDB

One of the best data management tools is CouchDB, which allows data professionals to access data via the Couch Replication Protocol. Additionally, CouchDB provides data companies to safely store their data by supporting binary data on any of their servers with any top cloud provider. Real-time and essential data may flow effortlessly between server clusters to numerous devices and browsers via a developer-friendly query language.

#7. Cloudera

A well-known data management tool is Cloudera, which enables real-time access to various real-time data, which may be used to make wiser decisions. In addition, data professionals can use the “Power of And” as well as a hybrid data management platform. It aids data firms in developing a data-driven culture with maximum flexibility, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness.

#8. Oracle BlueKai

The most popular data management tool for managing various campaigns through digital advertising channels is Oracle BlueKai. It makes it possible to create personalized and contextual ads that engage your target audience using real-time data. Furthermore, data experts can gather relevant data from multiple sources by consuming first-party offline and online data, categorizing data into target segments, and much more.

#9. Google Marketing Platform

One of the top 10 data management tools is Google Marketing Platform, which unifies analytics and advertising platform for better marketing and more insightful data. It provides easy-to-use data management software for numerous small businesses. This data management tool offers multiple integrated solutions, such as data studio, analytics, surveys, optimize, campaign manager 360, tag manager, etc., for data professionals to improve the efficiency of data companies.

#10. Microsoft SQL

One of the best data management platforms is Microsoft SQL, which delivers Azure-based continuous performance with safety innovation. A link feature within Azure SQL Managed Instance helps to guarantee uptime with fully managed disaster recovery in the cloud. Persistent replication of real-time data to and from the cloud is beneficial. Data professionals can use the smallest technical details to stay up-to-date with data.


Data management platforms and software are becoming increasingly important as we enter the digital age. The top 10 platforms and software listed above will surely be industry leaders in 2022 and are user-friendly, efficient, scalable, etc. They can help businesses manage and organize their data more effectively. By using these tools, companies can improve their productivity and efficiency.

Furthermore, businesses must stay up-to-date on the latest technologies to ensure they can manage their data effectively. If you are looking for a data management solution and software, the above listed are the best options available in the market. Make sure to research the different data management platforms and software before making a decision; so that you can find the one that is the best fit for your needs.

Lastly, the best data management platforms and tools are given above; you can select the one that works best for you and get started today!