Toyota and Mazda

Toyota and Mazda Plant to be situated in Alabama


On Tuesday 9 Jan, sources declared that Alabama will house the all new plant for automobile giants Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp. A formal announcement will also be made very soon. These plants have an investment of $1.6 billion and it is definitely a winning moment for President Donald Trump. President Trump had for a long time demanded the production and setting up of US industries and facilities, instead of relying on foreign sources and had also issued threats regarding the application of tariff on any production of foreign goods.

The site of the Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp will be Huntsville, Alabama and it promises to provide employment to almost 4000 people and the plant will also manufacture 300000 automobiles every year. The build of this major automobile plant will enhance the economy and conditions of the state and make things far better and convenience as Toyota already has an engine plant in Alabama. The state also provides a good, well connected forum for dealers and suppliers of the existing automobile industry.

Back in 2016, Alabama was the state that the President won by just 28 points and now when the President’s wishes of a plant to build the vehicles that will sold in US is being put into effect, the entire process seems to be major political victory.

The Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp plant is set to open in 2021 and this is happening at a time when US automobile sales are constantly dropping with a 2% drop in 2017 which is expected to decline further this year. However, the tax or the incentive has not yet been made known by the companies. The existing Toyota engine plant is also near Huntsville and Toyota had ordered an upgrade last year, spending almost $106 for technological purposes. President Trump had been vehemently against the Toyota Motor Corp last year, claiming that the Japanese automobile corporation should either not sell their Corolla sedan in US and instead manufacture them in the country or pay more border tax. But now it seems that production of the Corolla and also Mazda SUVs will be done in their new site and in the process create jobs for 4000 Americans.