Rolls-Royce Owner Climbs Out After Car Gets Swallowed in Sinkhole

Bizarre!!! Rolls-Royce Owner Climbs Out After Car Gets Swallowed in Sinkhole!!!

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You don’t buy a £500,000 Phantom to get sucked into a sinkhole and then crawl your way out? Well, this bizarre incident took place on the streets of Harbin, the capital of China’s northeastern Heilongjiang Province. The lucky owner has to climb out of his £500,000 Phantom after the luxury sedan was swallowed by a sinkhole. The driver has a narrow escape as the road caved in.

The owner of the luxury vehicle escaped unhurt but left shocked and rattled. The driver of the car who wants to remain anonymous also escaped without any injuries. The only loss was the pricey Rolls-Royce which received severe damage of its body. The accident burnt a huge hole in the pocket of the owner as the car costs somewhere around 5 million RMB (563,225 GBP) after tax in China. The incident took place during the morning hours of the day when people were on their way to work.

According to eyewitnesses, the bizarre incident took place when the car was waiting for a traffic signal. The black Phantom car was waiting for the signal to turn green. Just as the signal turned green the driver stepped on the pedal. After moving ahead for about 5-6 meters, the whole road caved in. It was total chaos and locals quickly gathered to help the owner and driver.

The sinkhole in which the Rolls-Royce fell was reported to be six feet deep and had a diameter of six feet. The owner and driver were lucky as they opened the driver’s side window and climbed out. Fortunately, no other car was involved in the accident. The other cars steered clear of the place where the accident took place. The sinkhole had no effect on other vehicle but the Rolls Royce owner was not fortunate enough.

Local authorities were quick to respond and reached the scene shortly. The Rolls Royce was quickly towed away from the place and the section was sealed off. The actual reason why the road caved in is yet to be found. The Harbin Police department denied making any comments on any possible reason that might have created the sinkhole. The Rolls Royce owner, however, did not confirm whether his car was insured and he would be demanding damages from Harbin authorities.