Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Post These Things On Social Media

Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Post These Things On Social Media


Nowadays we are living in that world where we can see everything happening around the world through social media. The power and use of social media have increased tremendously from last few months. If you re entrepreneur then it means you are having a huge responsibility of running a company successfully. When you are in that position, you should be posting any of the following things on social media account which might harm your entrepreneurial journey.


If you are going to talk about your religious or political views on social media, then stop there and think about it for a time. If your post is going to trigger many people and you are going to receive lots of hate comments for it, then you shouldn’t do that. Sometimes it’s better to be silent than speaking rubbish. Many entrepreneurs have lost their jobs or key managerial position because they talked about their religious or political opinions.


A person who brags a lot wouldn’t get respect from others. An entrepreneur needs to know that people like you, but it doesn’t mean they are going to hear everything about you. So if you are a type of guy who posts everything happening in your life then stop doing it because no one cares about it and it doesn’t add any functional value to your company or business.

Bad Stuff About Client

If you have the right amount of clients because of whom your business is running, then it would be far better if you don’t talk about them on social media. No one likes to see their name getting mentioned on someone else’s social media posts. If you are going to talk cynical about your clients, then that will be going to make you lose some of them.

Excessive Posting

If you are posting very frequently on your facebook or instagram account then indirectly you are making a fool of yourself. Sometime people would judge you without knowing you and by looking at so many excessive social media posts of yours they might think you are not doing your job correctly.