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Apple Plans to Bring Foldable iPhone in 2020: Isn’t that Crazy?

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Apple has always been a unique favorite to many people. Now it has stepped into something different and that might sound a bit crazy as it’s reportedly thinking to bring foldable iPhone within two years. In the year 2020 Apple is purportedly planning to launch an iPhone that can fold, as per Bank of America’s analysts; Merill Lynch (through CNBC), alluding to various suppliers of Apple as sources. The analysts theorize that the folding iPhone may be capable of opening and be used like a tablet iPad.

The design may reverberate the “ZTE Axon M” of 2017, a dual-screen smart handset, which folds out into a bigger screen. That formation makes something possible functionally, such as; mirroring any content from one screen to the other, or even multitasking, and like enlarging any application consuming the full display space.

The foldable phones are a significant demarcation in the creation of Smartphone.  Being capable of reconfiguring the phone body and screen into several ways will let the phone-makers to experience with new sensors and hardware. And since being one of the top two phone-makers of the world, Apple’s inquisitiveness towards a foldable phone might be helpful in popularizing and validating this concept, shifting it from a niche curiosity into a worthy market product. The chief rival of Apple; Samsung is known to be working on foldable phones for a while, and according to the head of mobile of Samsung, DJ Koh, the company may soon launch a foldable phone by this year.

The analyst note of Merill Lynch mirrors a Korean report from the previous year, claiming that Apple is working with OLED division of LG for supplying foldable screens for a forthcoming iPhone. Interestingly the Korean report also states that the folding iPhone might be seen unleashing in 2020.

Phones that fold or bend may be more a case of nostalgia, traveling to the clamshell design of old-school, but they have the inheritance to break one from their Smartphone rut. The early work of Huawei, Samsung, and Apple could be an omen of what’s coming ahead.