Technology Hazards in Delta, Disrupts Travel Temporarily and Infuriates Passengers


The Delta Airline Aircrafts at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport was experiencing some technical faults on Tuesday that caused a massive confusion. Technical issues forced the Delta Airlines for the time being to put all its domestic flights departing on hold this Tuesday night leading extensive disruptions for the travellers over the nation. The Twitter account of the company started responding to its customers who are experiencing jet-lags as early as 6:50 p.m. stating that it was facing problems with the tracking system in its computer. Near around 8:30 p.m. the Airline stated a short statement acknowledging the issue and offered an apology. It’s just before 9:20 p.m. Delta declared that all of the systems of its information technology had been restored and all of the ground-stops have been elevated. The company referred to this massacre as technical fault, which shortly affected some of their systems in the evening. The company stated that the ground stop lasted for almost an hour and that the delays were expected to be minimal on Wednesday morning.

In Las Vegas the restless passengers told that they had to wait in the long queue for booking alternative flights along with dealing with the delays in which they had drag throughout the Tuesday night. During such issue on Tuesday night people complained against such problem on Twitter against the company that serves over 180 million customers per year; seeking answers as why they were unable to book flights, board their planes, or even book tickets. On Detroit, one of the customers claimed that included flight failure combined with this extended issue that led her being stuck at the airport nearly about 9 long hours along with in Atlanta, headquarters of Delta including its largest hub, a series of idle planes drew out across the runaway, which carried passengers those were not able to step off.

However, Delta lately hasn’t encountered any “public relations fiasco”, which accelerated in levelling some of the recent sufferings by the United Airlines, but still the company has experienced its fare share of conflict.