Bob Iger CEO of Disney States

Bob Iger CEO of Disney States That There’ll be a Slow-down on the Star Wars Films


Back in 2012 since Lucasfilm was owned Disney, it’s all gone all out for revitalizing the science fiction franchise. But after the box office numbers of Solo came in well beneath its astronomical expectations, most probably it’s going to ease up on the franchise. The CEO of Disney Bob Iger stated to the Hollywood Reporter in a revealing interview that they did way much, too faster and fans can expect some slow down process for the franchise, and thus fans shouldn’t expect any solo sequence any sooner. Iger was asked to comment on the Star Wars after THR mentioned that few critics and fans have suggested Disney to stop trying to bust out a new Star Wars film every year. The CEO after taking a moment responded to it. He said that he made the timing decision and as he looks back he thinks of the mistake he has made and that he takes the blame on him by saying that things were little too much too quick. And so one can expect a slow down now but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to make any movies.

Disney for sure is not murdering any Star Wars. Iger pointed out to the forthcoming Episode IX and about several other projects that have been revealed publically, marking that they’re at the point where they are going, to begin with making decisions regarding what’s come next after Episode IX. Iger also threw light on some of the other ventures of Disney, like upcoming streaming service along with the Fox acquisition. He marked that for the streaming service, the company will be focusing more on quality rather than just the volume.

Star Wars has been a box office hit for the Disney from the time it has purchased the franchise, making over $4.5 billion at the box office overseas. It’s from the franchise Disney has released four films. Iger didn’t mention whether this slowdown in the making will affect any forthcoming projects or not. Last year Lucasfilm announced that it holds plans for a new trilogy from the directors of Star Wars.