Tesla Discontinues Its Solar Panel Subscription Program For Homeowners In America, Offers Financing Options


Tesla has announced to stop its solar subscription service in the United States. Besides manufacturing electric vehicles, Tesla is a leading player in the clean energy sector. The company has now discontinued the subscription service. Tesla introduced a solar subscription service in the American market in 2019. The company started offering services at a cheap rate. It encouraged people to shift to clean energy. The program allowed homeowners to subscribe to Tesla’s services. The company offered a solar panel system to the subscribers. The company installed the panel at their home. Subscribers didn’t require paying any charge to Tesla. The company didn’t ask them to sign any contract.

Homeowners going for opting for Tesla’s subscription program had to pay a monthly fee. This allowed them a direct access to Tesla’s solar panels’ system. The solar panel generates electricity. It can be consumed in home. This helped in reducing power bills significantly. Tesla’s solar subscription service was said to be the easiest and simple way to get solar panels installed at home. This reduced dependence on other means to power electrical equipment. According to the company’s website, Tesla will no longer offer the solar subscription service on its online configurators. It now mentions options for financing its solar system. The company is offering options for financing a solar panel system for the home.

Tesla said that the homeowners can pick the best solar financing option depending on their needs. Subscribers will have the liberty to change the payment option until the company starts the installation. Tesla said that the contract conditions cannot be changed. Tesla didn’t give any reason behind its decision to discontinue the subscription program. However, it is most likely that the company was not seeing customers going for the subscription service and buying the system instead. Tesla wants to cement its hold in the solar business market. Tesla has registered a three-fold jump in solar deployments since 2019 when it introduced the subscription. Meanwhile, Tesla has sought approval to supply electricity directly to retail consumers in the country.