Microsoft And Honor Expands Ongoing Partnership, Sing Deal To Develop AI Devices


Honor has expanded its partnership with Microsoft by signing a deal to develop new AI and devices. The Chinese gadget brand will work together with the US tech giant to develop ‘ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence.’ The deal will allow Honor to use technologies like cloud adoption and the mobile computing of Microsoft. The gadget company will also have access to other technologies of the tech giant under the deal. As per the strategic cooperation memorandum signed between the two companies, Honor will use Artificial Intelligence services based on Microsoft Azure. This will include services like AI translation and AI speech.

Honor has signed the deal with the aim of creating integrated solutions to support the company’s 1+8+N strategy. Honor wants to cover all of its devices under this larger ecosystem and will cover every area of consumers’ lives. Specifically, Honor would use Microsoft’s technologies to support its Smart Assistant YOYO that is used in the Company’s smartphones and other services. Slowly these technologies will be used in all the devices of Honor, making the overall consumer experience smarter.

Honor CEO George Zhao said that the company is committed to providing best-in-class products to consumers. Zhao said this can be done only by adopting a consumer-centric approach. “We will use our technological capabilities along with research and development to provide world-class product experience to our customers. This will only close coordination with global supply chain partners. Honor will continue to work with Microsoft to make this partnership even stronger. As part of our strategic partnership, both the companies will share technologies and software to develop solutions. We strongly believe that Honor and Microsoft will jointly develop a new intelligent world for everyone,” he was quoted as saying in a report.

The partnership will be across various platforms like mobile computing and PC. Both the companies will jointly explore innovative mobile experiences. Honor gained full independence from Huawei late last year. The Chinese gadget brand has been trying to build a strong relationship with some of the big tech companies ever since. This is apparently because it will no longer have access to all the R&D resources of its parent company. Honor established partnerships with top American companies like Google. The partnership with companies like Microsoft and Google was not possible when it was a subsidiary of Huawei.

As part of its partnership with Google, Honor will soon start shipping phones with Google services. Obviously, it would be outside of China. Among the phones that will come installed with Google, services would be Honor 50 series and Honor Magic 3 series. Despite all the restrictions, the company has been shipping its MagicBook laptops with Windows. It is also clear that this is not likely to be changed. Honor is expected to announce its MagicBook V 14. The announcement is likely to be made on September 26 and this will be one of the first few laptops of the company that would have Windows 11. Honor said that the laptop will have more advanced capabilities in software and hardware integration that improve the overall experience of Windows 11.

MagicBook V 15 will also be targeted for customizations and upgrades. The company has not revealed any specific detail about the laptop. However, it won’t take too long before the details are out. Honor has always targeted youths and developed products according. Even when it was a subsidiary of Huawei, it launched several smartphones in the low-end to midrange to attract a large number of youngsters. Honor has positioned itself as a strong smartphone brand and ships more than 70 million handsets every year.