Recycling Death: US Struggles to Keep UP with the Plastic War

Recycling Death: US Struggles to Keep UP with the Plastic War


China has been turning down the material it had been taking. China is cleaning up its environmental surroundings and no longer importing any recycled plastics, paper materials, or any other products. The restrictions have keeled over the markets of recycling as communities look for elsewhere for sending discarded plastic bottles and even other items. The Environmentalists think that this ban will spike more creation and less usage of disposable items. The European Union has offered banning on the single-use of plastics, urging to cut production of products including cotton swabs and fishing gear. Cities along the United States are also trying to stop the usage of some plastics, including plastic straws, grocery bags, which abruptly turned into a symbol of that almost everything is going wrong with the throwaway awareness.

The effects on the environment due to plastic build-up and the decreasing popularity of plastics have helped the scientists to spur on a quest in making new materials with two of the contradicting needs; they must durable yet degradable. To be precise researchers are in search of plastics or polymers with an in-built self-destruction mechanism. Feinberg of the University of Illionois stated that the two diametrically opposed yardsticks that they are trying to juggle. It’s easier in moulding a robust plastic without having to destroy it, but at the same time it should be long-lasting, he added.

Marc Hillmyer of the Centre for Sustainable Polymers at the Minnesota University told that the real trick is making them stable while they are being used, and unstable when not in use. The beginning point requires selecting polymers that intrinsically unstable and often overlooked historically because of their fragile nature.

This year China stayed along with its warning for prohibiting the import of plastics, mixed paper products, and other items from the U.S. by stating that it’s turning the country as one of the world’s garbage heap. The consequences of this new policy were fast enough and nowhere near to all sorted across the U.S. communities. As of now, no one knows where those dumps will be going instead.