High Glycemic Carbs

New Research Claims Consuming High Glycemic Carbs Might Not Necessarily Lead To Weight Gain In People


While not all carbs are created in the same way, health experts have been warning people to not eat fast carbs and to incorporate slow carbs in their diet if they are trying to lose some extra kilos from their body weight. Fast and slow carbs are defined in terms of how fast or slow the carbs are absorbed in the body. However, a new study has evaluated quantitative differences between high glycemic means fast carb and low glycemic that is low carb food items. The authors of the study have found very tiny quantitative dissimilarities between the two. The study has noted that consuming high glycemic index food items might not result in weight gain.

Health experts have said that consuming low glycemic foods is not less likely to result in diet-induced weight loss. The research has been funded by Grain Foods Foundation. The authors of the study have tested the theory that says consuming high glycemic foods can lead to fat storage, which affects body weight, on the other hand, eating low glycemic foods will have an opposite impact on the body. The findings of the study have been reported in the journal called Advances in Nutrition. Health experts who have been involved in the study have said that the glycemic index (GI) calculates how quickly a specific food item shoots up sugar levels in the bloodstream.

The GI allocates a value to each food item and allocating value to a food item depends on the rate at which the food shoots up sugar levels in the bloodstream. Dieticians who have conducted the study have looked at the data from 43 cohort studies from 34 publications that have enrolled nearly 2 million adults. Experts have compared the impact of low GI and high GI diets on people’s weight loss. They have termed glycemic index (GI) as a measure of the quantity of carbohydrates. The authors of the research have said that it seems to be relatively insignificant as a determinant of body mass index (BMI) or diet-induced weight loss.

The co-author of the new study, Dr. Glenn Gaesser has said that it is the first study that has definitively shown that high glycemic food items do not cause weight gain. Dr. Glenn Gaesser works as a lecturer of exercise science at the College of Health Solutions, which is a part of Arizona State University. Dr. Glenn Gaesser has said that contrary to the popular idea, diets that are rich in high glycemic foods will not make people obese or overweight as compared to those who eat low glycemic foods. The authors of the study as well have advised what kinds of carbs people should eat.

The study has noted that regardless of the type of carbohydrate, it can easily be incorporated into a healthy diet. It will be beneficial for people who are trying to shed some kilos. Dieticians have said that rather than concentrating on low or high glycemic foods, people should focus on eating a variety of carbohydrates that are eaten as part of a balanced diet. Health experts have said that however, people should eat high glycemic foods in moderation.

Many experts have said that the new study has many limitations as well. They have said that analyses of the study do not imitate real-world conditions where volunteers have access to a wide range of food choices. The findings of the study have not addressed the issue of satiety. Many past studies have shown that diets that contain low glycemic foods are usually more satiating as compared to high glycemic foods. Therefore, when people eat low glycemic foods, they do not indulge in overeating.

Other experts have said the findings of the new study might not reflect real-world conditions as the majority of foods are not ingested singly in prescribed quantity more often. The authors of the study have said that the glycemic response to a diet that is rich in carbohydrates depends on many factors such as the composition of macronutrients, fiber content of the diet, food preparation, and the timing of the food consumption. Health experts have specified that although a diet rich in high glycemic foods cannot lead to weight gain, their consumption will not cause any weight loss either. However, just like a healthy diet, moderation as well plays a vital role in weight loss, said the experts.

Experts have been blatantly vilifying the consumption of processed foods, carbs, and foods that are made out of refined grains over the last few decades. However, many past studies have shown that these foods incorporated in the right amounts into a diet can help people maintain a healthy weight and reduce their risk of many diseases. They have said that people should include a wide variety of carbs from fast-carb white bread to slow-carb bran flakes in their diet and pair these food items with other foods that will elevate the nutritional value of the diet.