Ghost Dunes detected on Mars

Ghost Dunes detected on Mars could have Hidden Trace of Life

Recently scientists invented newly croissant-shape impressions on Mars that are giving hints to the antecedents of the Red Planet. In the “Journal of Geophysical Research” a recent study revealed by the astrobiologist David Catling and geomorphologist Mackenzie Day that their invention about the 800 “ghost dunes”; which are imprints of the hardened casts of ancient […]

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Blow Cellphone Battery

Why do batteries Blow Up? Scientists Reveal the Reason!

Scientists found the cause of batteries blowing up or failing. A picture of dendrites – extensions which appear similar to fingers – displays the potential to penetrate the barrier isolating battery compartments. The dendrites are capable of blocking the aptitude of batteries to accumulate more energy, becoming an obstruction for battery-govern things such as electric […]

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