Bill Gates

Bill Gates Thinks There Shall Be More Scientific Innovation To Stop Climate Change


If there’s one single problem which every human on this planet is facing, then it’s rapid climate change. We all are witnessing the global warming and stopping that there are many scientific discoveries done so far but according to the bill gates if we want to stop climate change, then we will have to make more efforts and discover more innovative solutions. Recently climate change report has been released by the US government which depicted the situation of humans in the next few decades.While talking on this topic in an interview, the billionaire cum philanthroper Bill gates said that “ Many people think that by using an electric car or solar panel they are going to stop global warming. But such type of products are just temporary solutions, and we will have to make more scientific discoveries to eliminate the problem of global warming.”

According to the Bill Gates, the global warming a huge issue and many people are not realising it because they are thinking by eliminating the greenhouse emission or using the electric car they are going to stop the climate change, but all of these things solve twenty-five per cent of the whole problem. While giving his suggestions regarding how to eliminate the issue of climate change Bill Gates further mentioned that to achieve control over climate change we will have to look at the big picture, and greenhouse gas emission or use of solar energy are just minor solutions.

There are lots of opinions coming on the latest climate change report which states that the earth’s temperature is getting warmer every year and if we don’t take any proper action to control climate change then it will bring many problems in future for the entire world.