Iron Man Will Die

A New Fan Theory Suggest That Iron Man Will Sacrifice himself To Save the World


Every marvel movies fan right now is waiting for only one thing, and that’s release of upcoming film Avengers: Endgame. So far we have received tons of fans theories regarding what’s going to happen in the Endgame, but this new fan theory might give you a shock. In Avengers: Infinity War Thanos has beaten every superhero and wiped out half the humanity from earth also we have seen half of the superheroes turning into ashes. However, even if Thanos has beaten Avengers and guardians in the last movie, there’s a high chance that he is going to get beaten up by a mighty hero in upcoming film. A month ago Marvel released the trailer of Avengers: Endgame in which we can see Tony Stark’s got stuck in an alien ship and sending his last message to Pepper. But this new fan theory from reddit has blown everyone’s mind.

This new theory suggests that Tony will be the key hero of last Avengers film and he will save the whole world by sacrificing himself. We have seen In Age of Ultron Tony’s getting a vision in which all of the Avengers died because of his fault, also he has always blamed himself for what happened with Ultron and in Slovakia. We have also seen Howard Stark in Iron man 2 saying to tony “You will change this world.” Now the creator of this fan theory linked all of these things with upcoming movie and mentioned that there’s a reason behind why Iron man has always been many people’s favorite superhero. Marvel has always given special priority to Iron Man for his courageous superpowers. Also, we should not forget the fact that it was Iron Man who saved New York City from getting nuked.

Even if this fan theory shows Tony as a greatest superhero to save this world. Some people still think it will be Captain Marvel who is going to join the team of rest of the Avengers to beat Thanos and save this world.