Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trailer

HBO Finally Released Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trailer


The winter is finally here! The HBO has released Game of Thrones season 8 trailer, and after seeing it, you might want to say only one thing “Oh, my God!”. Every fan of game of thrones has been waiting to see what’s going to happen next will get a clue about it after looking at this trailer of last season of epic fantasy show. HBO is that production house which so far has taken many steps to keep the secret of ending of Game of Thrones.

If we have to talk about the trailer of season 8, then we can’t describe it in words since it has everything which we all have been waiting to see. The trailer starts with Arya Stark talking about the danger which all have to face in future, and it’s been observed that she mentioned Faceless man also. We also see Jon Snow arrives at the Winterfell with Khaleesi with two big dragons. Jaime Lannister is also looking good when we see him on the right side of the team. He left the King’s landing and Cersei Lannister to support Jon snow and his army.

One thing which we observed in this whole trailer is that all major characters are now in danger since the war has started and the deads are coming with it. Cersei Lannister still looks good and happy with her decision of staying in King’s landing even after so many things happened. There are so many things which are going to happen in an upcoming season of game of thrones also now it seems like we can’t wait further since with this trailer HBO has increased the hype of this epic show. It will be interesting to see how Jon snow is going to react when he is going to know about his true parentage. In last season everyone saw R+L=J theory getting into real, and now fans want to see Jon Snow fighting against the dead army and claiming the Iron Throne.