Fortnite Epic Games

Due To The Success Of Fortnite Epic Games Recorded 3 Billion Dollars Of Profit


Gaming industry every year see a new competitor, and there are many companies which are trying to dominate this industry, but very few of them succeed. However, it seems like as of now Epic games has won the hearts of millions of gamers because Fortnite ultimately made this company more than 3 billion dollars of profit. From last few months, the fortnite is dominating the gaming industry also the players from all around the world are loving this game. It seems like, with that much success of Fortnite, it must’ve made the company happy. However, there has been no official comment given by the company regarding this news because the company hasn’t released any official report regarding the success of Fortnite.

The US-based company Epic games has not opted for the advertising revenue model for the Fortnite and the majority of the income company receives from this game is by selling in-game digital items. According to the reports gamers while playing Fortnite can purchase digital objects from the game like Weapons, Currency, Cars, etc. with the help of such items they can efficiently complete a mission. Several reports claimed that the US teens got addicted to the Fortnite and many of them are spending monies to buy digital items from the game. The company has spent an enormous amount of funds on an advertisement of the Fortnite which now turned out be a profitable investment.

Epic games have recently got the market valuation of more than 15 billion dollars which is an excellent thing also with the increasing popularity of Fortnite it soon going to get another good round of investment from its investors. Epic games show how the future of the gaming industry is going to be and in upcoming year gamers shall get ready to see more fascinating games like Fortnite.