In Recent Study, It’s Been Found That Chocolate Is Better Than Cough Syrup

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When a person gets a cough, the one thing which any normal human being will do is to get a prescribed drug for that problem, and many doctors will recommend you to get good cough syrup. However, according to recent health study which states that now you might not need a cough syrup to get rid off your coughing problem because by eating chocolate that problem can be solved. According to the recent report, a group of researchers from Hull University in England did a small experiment in order to find out which will be better option to cure the cough, can chocolate really be that much helpful? Or a regular cough syrup is necessary?. However, to find the real answer these researchers prescribed more than 160 patients to get either regular cough syrup or chocolate based medicine. The researchers found those people who were on the chocolate based medicine improved a lot compared to those people who were on regular cough syrup.

There are many people who on a daily basis goes to the doctor to get the prescribed medicine for coughing problem. However, due to this recent case study which shows that chocolate-based medication helps more than regular cough syrup now many people might start to consume such type of drug only since it’s better for health and the majority of the people love chocolate. The researchers think that properties of cocoa help relieve irritation and inflammation and due to which a person will feel relaxed after getting chocolate based medicine.

There are various aspects to this health study because some researchers believe that they will need to do this experiment on more significant number of patients to get more accurate results. However,  the one thing is pretty clear from this study and that’s chocolate can also be used to cure a cough.

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