Netflix Most Emmy Nominations 2018

Netflix Crashes HBO By Earning The Most Emmy Nominations 2018 For The First Time Of Any Network


Netflix grabbed the most nominations for the Emmy Awards 2018, of any artwork, on Thursday by breaking through the 17-year-old streak of HBO, as the top-notch network in Emmy nods altogether. This year Netflix took away total of 112 nominations, and back in 2017, the giant streaming service earned 91 nominations, second to 111 nominations of HBO. Though the series of HBO is still leading the pack with its archaic fantasy series “Game of Thrones” nominations for the 2018 Emmy Awards on Thursday that ranged to the psychic, Netflix; the streaming service knocked HBO off its 17 long year plinth as the network having maximum nods.

This year HBO achieved the second place reckoning of 108 nominations. Amid overall networks, NBC became the third and conducts all broadcast networks with total 78 nods. Among the nominations of Netflix, it earned nods in various top categories, having nominations for “Stranger Things”, “The Crown” for the best drama series, and “Unbreakable Kimmy”, and “glow” for best comedy series. Meanwhile, HBO dropped various shoes in the topmost categories with “Curb your Enthusiasm”, “Silicon Valley” and “Barry” owning best comedy nomination series, along with “Westworld” and “Game of Thrones” for best drama series leading all shows with 22 nods.

For the first time, HBO will not be escorting all the networks in the sphere of Emmy nominations. The reason behind while Netflix was able to whimper through HBO on all of the nominations is indeed symptomatic of the two programming strategies of networks. Netflix also received criticism of quantity over quality, which reports that the streaming is all set to spend over the significant Hollywood studio in 2018 and launch almost 500 originals between months of May to December itself. At this point, it’s just two network race, since the rest of the nominees previous year were way behind ABC (33), NBC (64), Fox (20), and CBS (29). One network executive stated that this year it could be assumed that Netflix will be taking over HBO at some point.