2019 Oscars Predictions

A Brief Predictions About Who Might Win 2019 Oscars


So far this year’s Oscar season has gone through lots of controversies, but it seems still many people are waiting to see who is taking the most number of Oscars this year. A few days ago committee of Academy award announced that they are not going to remove some categories from their list. Winner of best cinematography, film editing, makeup, and design are going to receive Oscar during commercial breaks and not during the live broadcast. Now some celebrities have shown their rage against this decision of Academy, but still, everyone is waiting for this year’s Oscars. Now our experts have made their prediction about which film is going to grab the most of many awards this year so grab a cup of coffee if you like to see which movie is going to win Oscar this year.

According to our experts, Netflix produced the indie film “Roma” will win Oscars for best picture this year. This year there are more than seven films which have got nominations including Marvel produced Black Panther. Roma is that film which has got the full potential of beating other films and even if some people might want to see Black Panther win this year’s Oscar according to us that’s not going to happen. If we look into the best actors category, then Rami Malek has a huge chance of grabbing this year’s Oscar for playing the role of iconic singer Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Also, Christian Bale has got some good chance of winning the award for best actor for his role of Dick Cheney in “Vice” movie. On the other hand award for best actress in the leading role might be grabbed by Glenn Close from “The Wife” who has won many people’s heart with her magnificent acting.

Mahershala Ali is again set to be ready for taking home best actor in supporting role for his brilliant acting in “The Green Book.” However, all of these are our speculations, and we will have to wait for the final results from Academy awards.