Someone Snatched a Child’s Parcel Off his Foyer that contained his Medication for Kidney Transplant


A boy named Austin Taylor, who just stepped on to his age of 4; his father walked down the past days and remembered what doctors about his son that he would never likely have well young days. Cody Taylor, the father wrote on over the Facebook this summer; starting 1,461 that may seem like an odd number to post but this number holds a great amount of meaning that one could probably realize. That’s the number of days Austin has spent beyond the life expectancy of doctor.

More he added he saying that 1.461 days full of smiles, accomplishments, trials, of tears, hope, and fears, of progress and setbacks. 1,461 days being looking forward to. But all these trials seem very negligible when he looks back and see what he has actually done and accomplished. He is now able to walk; he is talking, and eating. All the three doctors that doctor said he would never do. It’s by watching he learns, and tries his best to be normal. So far this is their smoothest year, with so many things to look up to ahead. He wishes his son a very happy 4th birthday on Facebook, whom he addressed his “little hero”.

Austin was born with many complications, and even went through stage 5 of kidney failure, and went through kidney transplant a few years ago for trying to save his life. Days before the Christmas when a three-month-supply of his medications was given, it got stolen from their front porch, as said by Taylor.

Earlier this week, he reported to the news saying that one might never know who they are hurting by such kind of actions. It may either ruin someone’s Christmas or even be a threat to one’s life, you never know.

For years now porch pirates have been an issue especially during this season of holidays, by swiping straight away any packages from people’s doorstep. This issue increased with more online shopping trend and doorstep delivery. But Taylor even said that his package delivery wasn’t any normal package, it had his son’s medication worth $5,000.