Video And Voice Calling On Instagram

Video And Voice Calling Features Might Soon Be Available On Instagram

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Instagram was primarily launched as a social platform where users could share photographs and we have seen my new updates and features being included on the app which have made it even more popular and convenient. Recent reports have shown that very soon, Instagram users will be able to access features like video calls and voice calls on the app, just like it is available on WhatsApp. With these features along with its personal messaging option, Instagram might transform from being just a platform for aesthetic photographs and business accounts to a much more interactive social media platform where you could constantly stay in touch with your friends and acquaintances.

Though Instagram has not made any comments regarding the speculation or has not released any formal statements, a report by TechCrunch has claimed that the APK that the Instagram App has for Android has shown codes which are hidden but point towards a high possibility of the availability of the feature icons of Voice Calling and Video Calling features. This has been found to be the case for codes on the Instagram’s app platform as well as separately on the Direct Messaging feature that is also available. This suggests that Instagram users might soon be able to use video and voice calling because APK usually does present the codes for features that are to be developed later.

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If Instagram can provide voice calling and video calling then it might prove to be difficult for Snapchat because Snapchat’s popularity has already decreased with the Instagram Stories. Though video and voice calling is offered by both Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram might have an advantage over them by combining the option for going live from the platform. But what remains to be an issue is that Facebook is simply reusing its old features on different platforms and this suggests some lack of originality. Again the introduction of video calling and voice calling on Instagram might be a very strategic move by Facebook to compete with Snapchat.