Black Friday Deals 2017

The Black Friday Battle: Right Time Deals to Upstage Amazon


The Black Friday is just around the corner and not even a month is left for the shopping extravaganza. Companies are busy planning deals and discounts to lure more and more customers this year. Many retailers in the United States are expected to stay open during the Thanksgiving weekend. The sales for Black Friday could be up for grabs even before Thanksgiving Day.

According to market analysts, the online sales are expected to kick off from Nov 22 itself, a day before Thanksgiving. Some predict companies may start offering smaller deals and discounts even a week before Black Friday. It was seen in 2016 that certain online brands have put up their products for sale right from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the Black Friday week. Online shopping industry analysts believe that online shopping is set for a push this Black Friday. The trend is likely to be boosted by discount on mobile, gadgets and software.

Many of the companies are looking to upstage Amazon as the leader in Black Friday sales. The deals on Amazon would be available for Prime Members right from Thanksgiving Day. May online shopping platforms would be competing with Amazon for the sales of smartphones, computers, televisions and gaming consoles. Other companies looking to take advantage of Black Friday and upstage Amazon would rely more on in-store advertisement and sales.

Despite online shopping taking the front seat, in-store sales seem to be keeping its ground. For in-store retailers, the big day is Thanksgiving Day or the Gray Thursday sale. Many stores are not focusing on Black Friday but instead are relying on the days prior to that including Thanksgiving Day. On this day people visit each other and take gifts. Many drive-ins, malls, and roadside shops look to take advantage of this situation advertising in a more traditional manner by putting catchy banners and slogans outside their shops.

Wholesale stores are expected to stay closed for Thanksgiving but will be giving deals on days prior and special online sales. The wholesale stores rely more on the sale of home appliances, Christmas decor, toys, winter clothes, shoes, television, tablets, gaming consoles and other stuff.

The online sale is looking to be a race between 4K TVs, smartphones and web hosting. The 4K TV’s are expected to be up for grabs at the price of 1080p televisions. Many online deals would include gift cards to make the purchase of gadgets flashier. Every company will look to bolster sales and revenues on this big day. Online or in-store, the day is big for customers as it is for brands.