Underwater Restaurant

Europe’s Initial Underwater Restaurant To Be Opened in Norway


Europe has been a fascinating place for tourists as it offers you an opportunity to explore Roman ruins, surf, admire the fine arts, sleep in a castle, spot whales, wolves, dolphins, and bears, climb volcanoes etc. But have you ever heard of eating underwater in the second smallest continent of the world? No? Surprisingly now you experience this too.

Norway based Architecture Company ‘Snøhetta’ recently announced its plan to open the continent’s initial or first submerged dining space called ‘Under’. Europe’s first underwater restaurant is expected to be built near the coastal village of Båly on the country’s south coast.

Underwater Restaurant

Looking from the outside, one would see it as a concrete container that allows you to enter the restaurant. The monolithic structure built from concrete will be laid five meters in the sea. The dining space contains 100 guest-seats and provides a giant observation window to view the beautiful North Atlantic Sea. It also houses a marine life research center which will come into an action in the closing hours of the restaurant. Researchers from the country are supposed to train the wild fishes with sound signals and also study the behavior of fish throughout different seasons.

The structure is all set to stand in the harsh winters and also in all weather conditions – thanks to meter-thick walls.

The prominent colors of the restaurant would be blue and green. Guests would also admire the scandi wooden interior featuring three levels including entrance, wardrobe, and the main dining space.

According to Snøhetta, as people enter the under-water restaurant would experience a hint of fresh & salty ocean spray against the face. How amazing it sounds, but the construction of this projection isn’t yet begun. It is expected to start working and building this project from next year with a plan of opening it in 2019.

In the meantime, you can visit other underwater restaurants and get the thrilling experience. It means you might need to visit the Maldives for this. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (opened in 2004) is quite popular among the best underwater restaurants in the world; it’s situated at Conrad Rangali Island.

If you want to visit the Ithaa then either you wait for this Norway underwater restaurant or pack your bags to Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara (Dubai), Atrium Bar (Berlin), 5.8 Undersea (the Maldives), SEA (the Maldives), L’Oeanographic Submarino (Spain), or Subsix (the Maldives).