Newly Launched Apple TV Plus App Briefly Explained

Newly Launched Apple TV Plus App Briefly Explained


If there’s one thing which I like most about Apple, then it’s company’s strategy to bring new products or services. Yesterday Apple released its much-awaited app called Apple TV plus which is going to be a fun place for all those people who like to watch movies or TV shows. Apple TV is a movie streaming app which you can download from the Apple store. The only difference between Apple TV and Apple TV plus is that on the later one can let you enjoy Apple produced movies or tv shows by paying a certain amount of subscription fees.

Apple TV is not a separate app; instead, it’s an extended version of Apple TV which is soon going to be launched for many devices. Apple TV is going to be Add enabled application on which you will be able to watch movies produced by Apple partners like HBO without going to third party’s website. Apple TV might not look as innovative application, but if we look at Apple users, then this app might make right amount of money for tech giant company.

The entertainment industry is already getting filled up with movie streaming platforms because other than Netflix and Apple, Disney is also going to launch its movie streaming application called Disney+. But Apple TV plus looks more promising to some tech experts because reportedly Apple has spent a tremendous amount of money on this project. The company has hired tons of new and well-established directors who are going to create original content for this platform.

Now some experts are claiming that it will be hard for Apple to meet up to Netflix’s quality since that company is pouring billions of dollars in making Oscar-winning movies. But we will have to wait to see whether Apple TV plus is going to bring the same amount of success which executives are expecting.