Health Experts Talks About The Extra Mental Health Burden Created By Pandemic Situation


Since everyone is currently afraid of the novel coronavirus, which has killed thousands of people so far in the USA, many people might be going through mental health problems. Now health experts are finding out ways on how people can deal with such conditions because it badly affects the mental health of people. The stress that’s generated during the lockdown phase is quite frustrating for people because it will put them in an adverse mental health situation. Traumatic stress is not good for mental health since they will be suffering from it even months after this pandemic ended.

The psychological stress which people might be feeling during this time ranges from loneliness, depression, hopelessness, and anxiety. Everyone is currently worried about the pandemic and forcing them to stay at home by following social distancing rules. However, such things might be saving their lives, but it’s hugely impacting on their mental health in the illnesses mentioned above. Health experts usually said a person would find some other ways to deal with stress, but since they are not allowed to go outside and meet, it’s getting harder every day.

Local health organizations are trying their best to make sure everyone’s healthy mentally by talking to them about their struggles and other problems. Many health organizations are trying to connect with many people through zoom and Facebook live since it will make them happy at least for some time. Health analysts said it’s better to see someone’s face during this pandemic situation and share some of your thoughts because it will make you feel good about yourself. It’s advised to engage with family members in the form of talking by maintaining a good social distance with other people at the same time.