Tim Cook

Tim Cook Gave Virtual Commencement Address To Ohio University Students


Tim Cook, who is the CEO of tech giant company Apple is known for his leadership and giving some useful tips to the new graduate students. Recently through a video call, Tim Cook gave a virtual commencement address to the Ohio University graduates and talked about future problems they can solve. However, this is not the first time when Tim Cook addressed graduate students because earlier also, he had seen delivering leadership speeches to students. However, this was a different one since he couldn’t interact with them in person but did it through a video conference call.

In this video, we can see Tim Cook said to the young graduate students about building a better future than they thought amid this pandemic situation. Tim Cook commencement address speech was declared a year ago. Usually, in spring, he gives it to the new graduate students. But all the students are stuck in the home because of the current situation this time it was entirely different for Tim Cook also. Cook said that this class of graduates is unique since they have achieved their graduation in a hard situation. Everyone, including their friends, close one and parents, will be feeling proud of them.

Tim further talked about his earlier career when he joined the apple in 1998 and thought of working for Steve Jobs forever. However, after the demise of Steve Jobs, it was Tim Cook, who had the responsibility to run the tech giant company innovatively and correctly. He Mentioned about his early struggles at Apple, and it was never an easy thing for him to achieve this kind of success. Tim said currently he is studying Abraham Lincoln and some other books. He mentioned how great a thinker Lincoln was, and his ideas are still relevant and worth learning.