HIV Vaccine

HIV Vaccine Developed at Harvard University Offers Ray of Hope to Fight Battle against AIDS


A new vaccine developed at the Harvard University to fight against AIDS gave positive outcomes, which could prove to be helpful for patients suffering from AIDS. As per the outcome of the research, the HIV vaccine gave positive ripostes to the immune system after being tested on 393 individuals, as per the “Lancet”. Human tests were conducted over 12 clinics across the globe, including East Africa, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States. All the participants underwent a random, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of what’s been named as the “mosaic” vaccine. The age range of the participants was all between 18 years to 50myears who weren’t HIV affected and were healthy. Four doses of vaccines were given over the span of 48n weeks.

The Anti-HIV effect was observed after the tests and all the combinations of vaccine were found to be safe. In integration to trials on human the vaccine also showed a fruitful response in 72 rhesus monkeys. In a statement, a professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School, and also the principal investigator of the study and the director of the “Centre of Virology and Vaccine Research”; Dr. DAN H. Barouch stated that so far they were satisfied with the data and to acknowledge that progress in HIV vaccine is an unmatched challenge, and need to make sure whether they will actually save humans. The success thus means that they can proceed further with the test. It is imagined that the drug will be applied for tests on a quite larger group of people.

There are over 37 million people across the world those are living with AIDS virus, and almost 2 million virus cases are found each year. While researchers keep their research going on the virus and continues to work on their development, a long-term treatment or solution is yet to be available. Other researchers mark that this vaccine is spotted as the ultimate solution against the virus. Although, they didn’t mean that the adeptness in spawning an immune response particularly for HIV doesn’t mean that people do not have HIV.