Coronavirus Effect

Experts Reports On How Parents Can Maintain Children’s Mental Health During Pandemic


Everyone is going through a difficult period because of the pandemic situation they have to face currently. Now experts said that parents need to take care of their children during this difficult period because it might impact children’s mental health. According to experts, parents have to follow some basic things to make sure that your children don’t suffer from mental health issues during the lockdown period.

Empathetic conversation

Many children who suffer from anxiety during pandemic situations need the help of other people, especially their parents. The expert thinks having an empathetic conversation with children can help them in various ways. Parents need to ask their children about any problems they are facing, and it includes physical + mental ones. If a child is suffering or having symptoms of coronavirus, then they can easily talk to their parents about it.

Fewer expectations

Analysts think that parents should try to expect less from their children during this pandemic situation. Since many children are attending classes and doing their work from home, they might not be able to perform at their best and parents to know about it or realize this fact. Currently, everyone is on social media, and such a platform can be used efficiently for comparison, which ultimately results in negativity. Teenagers are already under stress because they might not be able to enjoy their free time with their friends.

Get Connected Through Technology

Teenagers talk about their depression or anxiety-related problems on the internet because they can share these things with the online world more clearly than with their parents. Analysts think that parents need to get connected with their children with the help of technology, and it might include using social media platforms also. Observing what their children are posting social media platforms might give parents a hint about the children’s mental health.