Royal Caribbean Cruise

Again over Hundreds of Passengers fall Sick on Royal Caribbean Cruise


Last week while passengers were set on the Royal Caribbean Cruise out of Florida, over 300 passengers fell sick, and it’s happening for the second time just less than a month where just illness swept through the crew and passengers on one of the line’s ships of the cruise.

Royal Caribbean stated that 332 cases of gastrointestinal sickness were reported on the Independence of the Seas before it sailed back to Port Everglades on Saturday, Fla., after a stretch of five nights cruise.

Victoria Nolan of NY, Genesee, said to WPLG-TV that she along with 15 of her relatives on the ship fell sick. She described about the terrific scenario of people throwing up in the elevators whilst they were on their way to the medical facility of the ship. Nolan told that she also went, but then stepped back to her room after realizing the fact that waiting for the medical assistance was almost wait for over four long hours.

Nolan also mentioned that it wasn’t the fault of the cruise team that people started falling ill, but the way they handled after the incident of people falling sick, had made the situation further worst.

Marsha Homuska said to the TV station that the crew worked with effort for keeping the ship clean during this outburst, but the situation was pathetic.

She evens aid that they started running out of basic supplies and water.

A spokesman of royal Caribbean, Owen Torres told that number of persons that were represented as sick was only about 6% more than the number of 5,000 crew and passengers. Those who were affected by the short-lived sickness were treated by the doctors within the ship with more than the counter’s medication. He also said hope their guests will start filling better quickly.

Though the cause of the sickness was not instantly released, but Torres told that Royal Caribbean supervised intensives sanitary procedures for minimizing the risk of issues ahead. The ship has undergone additional procedures in cleaning and then sailed for its next cruise on Saturday.

Royal Caribbean Cruises employs about 60,000 people from over 120 countries.