Dual Screen Feature

Dual Screen Feature of Galaxy Note 9 May Deliver Gaming Powerhouse; Rumour Speaks


As per recent reports, a key feature of the Galaxy Note 9 dual screen could be dominating the phablet. This kind of flexible display has been linked with the mainstream products of Smartphone earlier, but now it seems that it could finally come to action with the phablet from this Korean corporation.

Workable Solution: Engineers think that the dual screen Galaxy Note 9 feature will be solving the issue of delivering a flexible successful smart handset. This is something that Samsung has promised to deliver in the near future, with the both the prototype Galaxy-X and Galaxy Note 9 being connected to functionally.

It would also be one convenient feature for Smartphone gaming, having the initial display used for the gameplay, and the second screen for providing all gaming controls. This is already been used in the widely successful 3D series of Nintendo, but could now take a rebirth with the range of Android mobiles as well.

Statements of Samsung: However, Samsung has stated it very straightforward of delivering some kid of foldable technology in coming 2018; it is surely worth making a mark to this recent leak. Perhaps; it is no more a secret that Samsung has been working industriously on a Smartphone having a flexible display over the past couple of years.

It was sine then after Samsung had demonstrated about the previous version of a device having foldable screen at one of trade shows, the Android users have been keenly waiting for a flexible smart handset from this Korean company.

And one thing to be noted here, that the other mobile manufacturers are also now working on this technology with flexible screen, to be named one of the Samsung’s greatest rival; Apple. Google and HTC also have been workable linked with the functionality that be considered especially trustworthy the tether between the two companies following the purchase of $1.1 of the HTC division by this mega organisation.

However, Strategy Analytics, the overall profits and market share of Samsung will all sink hugely in 2018, despite this good news. It reflects that Samsung needs something more than just this Galaxy Note 9 dual screen to regain its market share in the coming year.