Moderna Made Coronavirus Vaccine Shows Some Positive Results


Everybody is waiting for the pandemic situation to end, and that’s why many companies are working hard to find the cure for this deadly virus. Moderna manufactured coronavirus vaccine seemed to be quite useful in curing coronavirus because so far results have been quite good. The report shows the first human trial is showing some good response in patients since it has managed to increase the immunity system of these sickened people.

Moderna Technology said the preliminary results which they have received is quite good, but they are going to expand this experiment further. Hundreds, and then thousands of people are going to be tested in upcoming days said by Moderna technology. This promising news has hugely benefited Moderna’s investors since the stock of the company went up by 25% on Monday’s day trading. Shares also went up because of the statement released by the Federal reserve’s chairman to support the market and economy.

Yesterday the market was quite considering the S&P went up by 3%, and the situation was good in Europe also. Since many people have been staying at home for the last two months, they are waiting for the government to ease things. The US government is already thinking of reopening the economy pretty soon, and those who lost their jobs, and are not able to earn money are waiting for it. Even though the lockdown seemed to be the only option at the start of the pandemic situation, now only vaccines can stop this deadly virus from infecting people.

Millions of people have gotten infected with this deadly virus in the last few days; thousands of people have died in the USA. Experts are worried more about the production capacity since producing billions of doses in a short time is not going to be possible only for one company. Still, many things depend upon the further results this vaccine produces in the next few days.