A Study Shows Drinking Diet Coke Might Make You Gain Weight

A Study Shows Drinking Diet Coke Might Make You Gain Weight


In America, if there’s one thing which everyone likes to drink, then it’s diet coke. Sometimes people think that sugar-free diet coke is not that harmful to their health, but a new health study shows it’s not true at all. A new health study found that those teenagers how drank diet coke gained more than 200 calories per day. One of the most shocking thing which scientists found is that these diet coke were adding the same amount of calories as after consuming a regular coke. Mostly teenagers and high school kids daily consume diet cokes which are unknowingly hurting their body. Scientists said that it’s always recommended to drink water instead of any diet coke since it will keep the body rehydrated.

Accordingly, problems like obesity, heart diseases have increased in America because of unhealthy diet followed by people. Many teenagers living in the country are unfit and lazy because of which their health is getting deteriorated. The similar group of researchers did same health study in 2017 and they found that consumption of sugar contained coke has increased by more than 200% from the last few years. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already warned about the increasing problem of obesity in America.

There are still many health organizations why are trying to find real reason why drinking diet coke is not good for health and some of them are even trying to convince the jury of putting a ban on those companies which produce these things. But one thing which many researchers have mutually agreed is that diet coke does not help to reduce the calories in our body. Many companies are falsely advertising their products as harmless but they are not harmless at all. Research suggests that the people who consume Diet Cola get 197 calories more than their normal diet.

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