New York Knicks

5 Trade Aims for the New York Knicks


New York Knocks probably shouldn’t make any changes. For the past seven they are five, have found their pace and crushed out a win even after Carmeleo Anthony wrenched its ankle stumbling over a referee.

Brashly stating the Knicks will be making the playoffs and won’t be getting laughed out of town these days. However, they might be requiring that little help in reaching that seed of No. 8.

Lan of ESPN Begley wrote on 19th December that the Knicks isn’t planning anything at this moment, to make a shift that would have a jolt on their cap flexibility of the near future. So until and unless they make any changes of their plan totally, don’t expect that Phil Jackson & Co. in bringing home anything but tiny or lapsing contracts between now and 18th February.

The offense of Jeff Hornacek counts more on the transition hoops and less on the 3-pointers than the most modern teams of NBA, but that ongoing style has been disrupted by bruises to Tim Hardaway Jr. and Kristaps Porzingis. They are short on defensive rebounding and fast-break scorers, specifically in the backcourt. So, whoever New York may bring on should be prepared in filling those gaps as the rehab of the stars also has the firmness, defensive chops, and hustle the Knicks have started to be known for.

A dysfunctional eyesore, the Chicago Bulls, for the first seven weeks of the season, might not be keen to trade whilst blinded by the starlight of the current seven-game winning slash. However, if reality sets back in, then Knicks could be tempting Chicago to scrap with David Nwaba cause he is on a contract of $1.3 million that’s about to expire  and, perhaps the Bulls front office has been quite familiar making various decisions, which are questionable.

The writer of, Sam Smith is billing Nwaba to be a candidate for the most improved player. New York fans may recall the multifaceted 24-year old guard, from the five boards, 15 points, and two blocks he slapped on the Knicks when they dropped to the Bulls on Dec-9, 104-102.