LeBron James

LeBron James is playing far Beyond Just any Individual Trophy; Claiming He wants to break the Mould for upcoming Generation


LeBron who will be turning 33 in just 15 days said that this is his 15th season and by far in his career he have felt the best at this season and he wants it all. James claimed that he wants to break the rigid conception and show the players that players too can be well dominant over their 30 years of age.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James pursues tormenting up numbers in another active season of MPV, the future Hall of Famer concedes that he is not just playing for an individual trophy winning, he playing something beyond that this moment of his career.

Before the game LeBron James talked with the media and also against the Bucks he ended with a triple-double; 11 rebounds, 29 points, and 10 assists.

Prior to Saturday’s 109-100 win when there was discussion about the possibility of winning another award of MPV in this 15th season? Atop the Utah Jazz, James already knew that now it means something more to him.

After shootaround of Saturday, James said that success of the team is always the No.1 but along this path if one is able to accomplish any individual awards, or individual achievements then it would mean a lot. He said; that he feels good. This is his 15th year, but this year is one of the years he had so far in his career, as far as he feels, and that he wants to continue it. He wants to kind of break the mould for the next generation of players. He said of taking out the narrative of just “OK” and one’s past their prime when one reaches their 31, or one is past their prime in their 12th year in the league, or no matter any other case.

After Saturday’s win with 29 points, posting a triple-double of his 60th career, James was questioned whether he truly believes a player would come along and be as dominant as he was in his 15th year? James said with a smile: that they will see with time.