AI Is Used By Instagram To Show The Relevant Content On Explore Tabs For Users


Recently Instagram engineers wrote a blog post in which they explained how they are using machine learning to make the platform more likable by users. Engineers wrote a technical post in which they started the depth of how they are using machine learning to show the content on explorer tabs to its users. Reportedly Instagram is showing content based on various accounts and not based on individual posts. There was a time when social media platforms got lots of backlashes for showing users hateful and extreme type content.

However, from the last few years, things have changed, and tech companies are more focused on recommending user-friendly content to all of its users. The blog posts by engineers of Instagram states that content on Instagram is extensive, and they try to suggest the relevant content based upon account and not upon a single post. Instagram uses a “seed account” system when it’s recommending new accounts to its users. The seed accounts are those accounts that have seen or even interacted by the users previously based upon their data. The system also recommends the accounts which are similar to seed accounts and increases the curiosity of users.

The top 25 posts which are sent to users explore tabs gets filtered through thoroughly in which system detects and removes the conflicting and policy-violating accounts. In the end, Users get to see only those accounts which have a similar interest, history with themselves, and they usually stumbled upon an exciting account only, which forces them to follow. AI is used by tech companies to make sure their users get to see only the right type of content. The rise of machine learning has opened many doors for making social platforms more user-friendly. However, many people are still afraid of data privacy and related issues.