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Amazon Echo Show gets a $30 Price Cut After YouTube Retreata


The e-commerce website Amazon dropped Echo Show price by $30. The Echo Show is now available to all customers at just $200, got down from its previous original price of $230. The online shopping platform is expecting that this temporary fall in the original asking price of Amazon Echo Show will convince the people to ignore the fact that the machine doesn’t support YouTube. In the last month, the tech giant Google deleted its well-liked video service from the Amazon’s smart voice-enabled device and it is somehow predicted that it may never return.

At the time of the removal of popular video service from the touchscreen smart-speaker device ‘Amazon Echo Show’, Google claimed the device violating its terms of services by developing a ‘broken user experience’. But just after some days, a news caught the headlines that the search giant Google may be pondering a similar sort of device of its own. In the meanwhile, as a result of the Google’s act, Amazon noticed a downfall in the sales of the Amazon Echo Show device. A quick glance at the reviews illustrates that bounty of customers are annoyed that they can no longer stream the video-sharing platform YouTube on the smart-speaker device ‘Echo Show.’ Thus, there is a probability that the $30 price cut is announced to control the damage.

On the sphere, it could also be losing the Echo items after all; the echo spot also contains a small screen and will be available at just $130 on its arrival in the month of December this year. The Echo Spot is a 2nd generation voice recognition to see weather forecasts, see video flash, music lyrics and to-do along with shopping lists etc. Then there is the next product of Amazon that is Echo Plus which will be launched in the market on October 31, 2017. The device ‘Echo Plus’ links to Alexa to make calls, set alarms and play music, check weather and traffic, ask questions etc.

Well, Echo Show lacks YouTube but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing left in it now. You can watch Amazon Prime videos on its 7-inch LCD touchscreen and make video calls to your friends, relatives with its 5-megapixel front camera. The most impressive speakers are ready to rock your life and integration with smart home cameras are some features that are making it alive and purchasable in the market.

It seems that the online shopping website Amazon has put the Echo Show on sale to entice customers before the arrival of its upcoming Echo products that are supposed to release soon at the end of the year.

Still, if you are thinking to pick an Echo Show up even without YouTube then this is the best deal to grab, by default.