Roboforex Starts CFD Trading on Cryptocurrencies

Roboforex Starts CFD Trading on Cryptocurrencies


An international brokerage group named Roboforex which offers online trading services just entered into the cryptocurrencies ecosystem. Roboforex has expanded its lists by adding two digital currencies i.e. bitcoin and ethereum. The digital cryptocurrencies have been added to the list of trading instruments in MT4 and MT5 terminals. The company added these cryptocurrencies due to the client and market interest.

The brokerage group will have trading pairs like BTC/USD and ETH/USD. These pairs are obtainable. According to the firm’s press release, the partners of the company will certainly get some of their commission in CFD cryptocurrency orders. The clients and partners of the company Roboforex can access the trading pairs on MT4 and MT5 terminals.

The Growth of decentralized digital currency Bitcoin has refreshed the investors and traders. Akin to other brokerage firms the company ventures into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The increased price of bitcoin triggered a gold rush of investor’s curiosity. Although most of the investors don’t have direct information about bitcoin, therefore, many prefer to trade via CFDs. In the last 8 months, there is a dramatic change in the prices of bitcoin which tripled so soon and it has piqued investor interest. This is the interest of clients and market that forced the director of Roboforex to enable cryptocurrencies trading. According to Denis Golomedov who is the marketing director of Roboforex – they decided to activate bitcoin and ethereum CFD trading to fulfill the keen interest of traders across the globe. After the decision, the clients of Roboforex will be able to derive revenues from the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. The firm is best known for providing the most complimentary trading conditions for digital currencies transactions. Roboforex is suitable for both traders and investors. In the coming time, they are preparing to carry on the development in this particular direction and primarily perk up the offers by just adding latest instruments and making the trading conditions more favorable and better.

Mass Crypto Trading in the Marketplace

As the Roboforex Press release states that the spectacular regular turnover of decentralized digital currency bitcoin’s transactions has been a chief cause for the surge of brokerage interest in cryptocurrency market. At present, the everyday bitcoin to USD turnover volume is around 3billion USD. Perhaps this is the reason why regulated firms like ETX also recently ventured into this market.

The huge amount of capital flowing in the market has produced a lot of hype and excitement and a mounting investor enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency, mainstream adoption is visible. It means that there would be more new firms embracing bitcoin as the decentralized digital currency sees more conventional adoption, albeit through indirect exposure trading.