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The Best Streaming TV Box Available : Apple TV 4K Reviews


After months of waiting for the Apple, TV 4K is now out. It is one of the most expensive media players in the market and here is what you can expect from it. Many industry experts are calling it by the closest thing to being a fully realized vision of what future of TV might look like. However, there is still a long way to go as the Apple TV 4K still has some limitations to it.

One of the most notable drawbacks of the new Apple TV 4K doesn’t have Dolby Atmos sound. This becomes a real glitch as YouTube app plays only videos in 1080p quality. So the new Apple TV neither supports Atmos nor the YouTube in 4K HDR. For all the comic book fans, there is no happy news. The Apple TV does not have Disney or Marvel movies in 4K HDR. Also some content in 1080p looks just ordinary. Due to Apple not supporting YouTube’s VP9 video format, YouTube on the Apple TV 4K doesn’t support the 4K HDR playback. Apple doesn’t have a timeline; this is something that has bothered the Safari browser on the Mac and iOS devices as well. The company insists that Dolby Atmos is not a hardware limitation and that the team is working on it.

The Apple TV automatically upscales all SDR videos. These are either converted to HDR or Dolby Vision but the end result isn’t always great. The HDR video processing is in limbo. Some HD content from YouTube looked great but comes short on other applications. Most industry experts believe that Apple TV 4K is on the higher priced side. At $179, it is considerably more expensive than the TVs on offer by rival companies. If you compare other TVs in the market, Google’s Chromecast Ultra comes at $69, Amazon’s Fire TV starts at $90, and the Roku Premiere is $70.

If Apple’s past record is believed, the company will definitely come out on top with the TV thing. Looking at the market, it is the only company that has both the power and care to do it. The unrealized potential of Apple TV 4K’s makes it obvious that the future of TV is still under clouds. The Apple TV 4K is an easy choice if you are looking for a wider app ecosystem. The TV comes packed with sensors, workout trainer, games and smart home controls.