Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Ultra-Thin Glass is not Much Tough


Samsung’s foldable phones have faced many controversies since launch. Now, the South Korean phone maker touts its latest Galaxy Z Flip uses Ultra-Thin Glass. Well, it seemed to be a real innovation when the company had launched a foldable phone in the previous week. To date, foldable screens have utilized displays made up of plastic. Those screens get easily scratched even with a nail. Whereas, the latest Z Flip uses glass, which is pretty thin, hopefully, to last for a long time. But it looks like that’s not to be the instance. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has remained subject to a toughness test that questions its marketing efforts for Ultra-Thin Glass.

When Samsung touted a glass display, many surmised that the Galaxy Z Flip would have a material different from Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr. Even more, the thin-glass has remained a center of attraction for people. It allegedly provided a greater feel along with extended durability than Galaxy Fold’s delicate plastic. JerryRigEverything or so-called Zack Nelson has reviewed the phone, and the results are hapless. The screen is just as vulnerable to scratching as conventional plastic displays. Besides, heat and puncture trials did not charge a little better. Nelson went as far as to recommend that Samsung has not used real glass, theorizing that it might be a hybrid of glass-polymer. The trial eventually led to a query, whether a glass-like display should function as a glass.

To be honest, Samsung has not marketed the screen of Z Flip as more sustainable. The phone maker has stressed that the display requires to be handled with care as it has a protective layer over the top. This time, the company has highly focused on feel and appearance. Well, it pinpoints that Samsung has not resolved the issue citing the durability of the foldable screen. By the end of the day, potential customers will have a display that gets scratched more quickly than that of existing modern smartphones.