Google I/O 018

Eight Things to Look Ahead to Google I/O 018


The annual developer conference of Google will be one jam-packed affair regarding the future of Android platform; the smart home and the AI. For a giant and highly reputed company like Google, an annual developer conference might seem a bit mind-boggling, and to be true, it surely is. Google proposes a dizzying amount of dabbles and services in almost all the consumer tech industry under the same sky, and needles to say over 7 billion user core internet products it retains and  operates. But when it comes to Google I/O the company has measured tempo, and it has come to understandings how the company prioritizes few particular products every year.

This is that time of year when Google draws in all the stops for showcasing how its software is more advanced and smarter than the products from its competitors such as; Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. Take a look at the future of Google and what waits ahead.

AI: I/O is an event beyond Android for getting up to the speed in almost everything artificial intelligence at the Google. Sundar Pichai; the CEO has been positioning AI to be the secret sauce for the future of the company; a software that can view and understand the world, identify objects and can analyses natural language to help almost all the Google products in years to come.

Android P and Gaming: The I/O of Google rotates around the latest version of Android, called the “P”. For a while now Google is hitting its step on the gaming to create a solution for hybrids-mobile console.

Google Home & Google Assistant: New features are expected on this platform as well, as Assistant holds the largest push against the Alexa of Amazon.

Google News, Photos, and Google Play: Google is planning a revamp on the mobile and desktop platform that will have all-in-one new Google apps in these platforms. .

Wear OS: In integration to Android P, I/O is that time of the year when Google kind of possesses a state of the union on its platform of wearable technology, which is now called the Wear OS after the last year’s rebranding. Wear OS comes with more Google Assistant features.

Material Design Refresh: Material Design this time is a newly built case for a new version with a subtle change to the chrome tabs besides a new document on the Chromium site.

Android Auto & TV: Creations regarding Android TV and Google set-top box software will likely appear in the I/O of this year.