Samsung 360 Rround Camera

Get Samsung’s New Camera With 17 Lenses For $10,500


Samsung’s new camera, “Samsung 360 Round” is an ultimate choice for those who love to click. The device is about the size of a Roomba and packs a serious punch with impressive 17 lenses. The Samsung 360 Round comes with a hefty price tag of $10,500. In a business dominated by Red Digital Cinema, Canon and Sony, Samsung’s 360 Round cameras are surely looking for some serious business.

The camera comes with a pair of eight lenses. There is one lens in the center. So a total of seventeen lenses are there in the camera. The 360 Round is designed keeping mind the needs and requirements of pros and camera enthusiasts. For those who wish to capture live stream 3D video and audio or specifically create VR content, the Samsung 360 is a perfect choice.

The camera looked like an ice hockey puck with eyes when it was first revealed by Samsung. But it soon became clear the camera would look more like a Roomba vacuum cleaner. Though the price makes the camera out of the reach of average people the Samsung 360 makes the cut for its capture quality. Samsung is slowly making its way into the consumer VR space over the years. Inch by inch Samsung has launched its own VR range of products like the Gear VR headset and 360 cameras.

It is not an overnight decision by the company to enter VR market through cameras. The Samsung 360 was being developed since 2014 but was then called Project Beyond. The camera also scores high points when it comes to durability. The Samsung 360 is dust and water resistant with a rating IP65. The Samsung 360 will hit the stores in the United States somewhere in the last week of October while the launch in other countries is subjective. The success of the camera in the USA will define its release in other countries of the world. In the meantime, the specifications of Samsung 360 Round are given below.

  • The camera weighs about 1.93kg and has dimensions of 205 x 205 x 76.8mm.
  • There are 17 lenses of 2 megapixels and F1.8 aperture.
  • It has 6 internal (spatial audio) microphones and 2 external ports.
  • The camera has an impressive video resolution of up to 4,096×2, 048 at 30fps per lens.
  • It seems a nice option for recording high-quality videos with a memory of 10GB (LPDDR3) and 40GB (eMMC). There is also an external memory capability of 256GB which can further be extended up to 2TB on SSD.
  • USB-C connector port