Facebook Working On Smartwatch With Two Cameras, Launch Likely In Summer 2022


Social media giant Facebook is planning to venture into the smartwatch business. The company is working on its first smartwatch and has made significant progress. Facebook has dropped hints that the smartwatch will feature a display with two cameras. It will be available in the market for USD 400. The device’s display can be detached from the wrist. It can click pictures and record videos. The files can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and the company’s other apps. The company didn’t tell anything about the date of launch. However, the first version of Facebook’s smartwatch could become available in the market by summer 2022. It has also started working on second and third generations.

Facebook will provide a camera on the front of the watch display. It will be primarily for making video calls. There will be an auto-focus camera on the back. This camera can be used for recording footage. Users will need to detach it from the frame on the wrist to use the camera. The frame will be of stainless steel. This will allow people to use the smartwatch just like smartphones are used. Facebook is also contacting other companies to create watch accessories. Facebook is also believed to be working closely with wireless carriers to add LTE connectivity support in the smartwatch. If it succeeds, the smartwatch can work with being paired with a smartphone.

Facebook’s smartwatch will come in three colors. They are white, black, and gold. The future versions of Facebook’s smartwatch will act as a key input device for the company’s augmented reality glasses. The glasses are already in the works. Facebook wants to take on Apple by bringing a smartwatch. The company is hopeful of a good business. It has set a sell target of achieving six figures initially. The new smartwatch by Facebook is likely to open up another area of competition. Apple Watch is hugely popular worldwide. Apple provides several health-related services with the watch. It keeps a track of user’s fitness with the help of health-oriented capabilities. It also has wireless telecommunication capabilities.