Finally dBrand Skins For Nintendo Switch Dropped Down

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Nintendo has always worked hard for making its Switch as colourful as possible or even as drab, depending on its users’ preference, gamers are exactly the types who simply love in customization and personalizing their gear as far as they can. But unfortunately applying other adhesive establishments and skins to the latest and greatest of Nintendo is simply death sentence for it. At least that’s what one of the most popular laptop, Smartphone, and console skin makers; dbrand warned to the owner of Switch previous year. But lately there seem to be a new song and it’s finally proposing Nintendo Switch the skins for making the gamers’ beloved handled truly theirs.

Some may pin the blame on dbrand for putting the hands in advising users for not putting skins on their Nintendo Switches. But in the hardest way as found by others, dbrand was on to something else. It seems uniform adhesive, while removing damaged the painting on the Switch. So it’s more likely to be that of a tattoo that one would pray to be never peeled off other than having an interchangeable skin.

But finally for the Switch dbrand is now signalling the green light for the skins. It took almost one year collaboration with the team of experts of adhesive; 3M for creating a special kind of adhesive, which won’t cause any damage to the user’s Switch when, or not if they remove them. And as always, dbrand gives access to pick and even mix and match whatever colour one desires, even if they wish to make others in poking their eyes out.

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For each of the Joy-con dbrand will be charging $5 and for almost $10 for the Switch itself. If a customer wants to style and to match with dock, they need to throw in another amount of $7 for that, or may even an additional cost for dock accents and its $8. Getting a bit higher to $10 will get the users will be having their hands on two tempered glass screen protectors. But surely one needs to attach all of that on their Switch all by themselves but, if the 100% safe guarantee of dbrand truly works then it won’t be that much of risk.