Facebook’s Controversial Emails Indicates That EU Might Put Regulations On The Company’s Business


If there’s one social media giant company which is right now dominating the whole social media industry, then it’s undoubtedly Facebook. However, recently the British Parliament decided to make some internal documents of the company public, and it seems like Facebook is misusing their authority. Because according to this internal documents It’s been found that the senior executives of the company along with CEO Mark Zuckerberg were having an emails conversation regarding how the company shall charge for sharing users private data. After this shocking revelation now some members of the European Parliament are considering to put regulations on Facebook. Because according to them any company which is having that much of monopoly can use their powers for their own interests only.

On the other hand, some experts are trying to suggests that EU shall make changes in the rules of the competition act and put some regulations on the company. Many members of the European Parliament are considering to audit the advertising industry on social media. Because according to these experts manipulation of online data is not a small thing and a dominant company like Facebook might harm the democracy and many business sectors. Facebook has already been criticized for their business strategies because of the company’s recent controversial Cambridge analytical data scandal.

After this revelation of Facebook’s internal documents, many people on social media showed their anger by tweeting against the company’s data policies. While on the hand in an official statement Facebook has declined all the allegations and according to the company they never sold user’s private data to any advertisers. Even though Facebook is trying their best to convince that they haven’t violated any rules, but according to these internal documents it seems like this time Facebook might be in big trouble.