Sleeping Too Much Dangerous to Health

Sleeping Too Much Could Be A Lot Dangerous For Your Health Than You Think


We all humans work throughout the whole day and the only thing which we love to do after having a rough day is to get a sound sleep. But according to a recent health study done by some health experts, they think that those people who sleep more than 8 hours a day might have a chance of having cardiovascular diseases. We all believe that sleep deprivation causes us more health problems but even though that’s true according to this new health study sleeping more is also not good for our health. This new health study has been done on more than 116000 peoples from every continent, and it’s been concluded that getting more sleep can cause serious damage to our heart or brain.

As per the health experts, the ideal amount of sleep is 6-8 hours a day, but very few people get that much sleep. Because many people are either feel sleep deprived or get more sleep than it’s needed. This case study shows that those people who sleep in between 8-9 hours a day have an increased 5 ℅ chance of dying earlier. On the other hand those people who rest for 10-12 hours a day have more than 41% chance of dying earlier because of the heart diseases. While many people due to their busy work scheduled don’t give that much importance to the sleep but it seems like now is the time to let your brain gets the only necessary amount of sleep.

However, there’s good news also in this case study because it’s been found that those people who sleep for 6 hours in the night and even get a nap in the afternoon might not need to face any health issues. So if you’re a typical person who sleeps more than usual, it’s time for you to change that bad habit.