Google Backtracks On Desktop Search Results Redesign, Promises To Make It Better With More Experiment


Google has decided to roll back some of the changes it introduced in search engine design off late. The search engine also announced that it always wants to make search better and going to experiment with the new placement of favicons. The announcement comes after it got some withering criticism from various quarters over the manner it made search results look like ads. The search engine giant is known to make money when its users click on ads displayed on the platform. But it would not earn money if people will click on unpaid search results. When ads displayed on the platform look like search results, users are more likely to click on it. As a result, Google makes more money.

It is a very unethical practice and users began noticing the changes in search results last week and few of them flagged the changes. Google tried to explain how it was willing to achieve the opposite of what actually happened by making the changes. “A new look for our search results on mobile was launched last year. The same will be rolled out to desktop and it prominently displays brand icons and domain names along with a bolded ‘Ad’ label, Google said. The changes in Google’s search results come despite the fact that the search engine giant is already under investigation by every state for antitrust violations.

Google’s revenues are not seeing positive growth as it used to. So the search engine giant is using this trick, which it once used to become the number one search engine. Initially, ads and search services were clearly demarcated. With the passage of time, the demarcation started getting blurred making it difficult to identify which is an ad and which is not. They introduced never before used back-propagation algorithm and this was proof that rules of the web can be disrupted. Google has acknowledged that changes went beyond intended and noted that it would continue to experiment further on how search results are displaced.