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Google Redesigning 992 Emojis To Make Them More Universal, To Come First On Gmail And Chat


Search engine giant Google is tweaking its emoji library. As many as 992 emojis will get a new look. The product team is working on the designs. Google said that the redesigned emojis will look more universal. The revamp exercise will make these emojis more authentic and accessible. The redesigned emojis will be first rolled out for Gmail and Google Chat users. The improved emojis will also be made available to Chromebooks. The company is planning an emoji picker in Chrome. Google said that emojis have been made cuter. Besides, they are more flexible now. The redesigned emojis are relevant to users globally.

The pie emoji will look more general as a whole and no longer a specific slice. The signs for cars and trucks will see better use of the space. Google humorously said that redesigned emoji for motorway will be able to clear the driving exam. The company has also given new look to food characters. The bikini and mask emoji have also seen improvements. The face mask emoji will show a face of a person with open eyes. Google said that the change in mask emoji is aimed at showing a universal way of kindness rather than a symbol of illness. The bikini emoji will not look as if it is being worn by an invisible lady. Google said that the redesigned emojis are now more eye-catching.

The company has already added delightful tweaks with the dark theme. It will show stars when the user is camping at night. Google added that the meaning of each emoji will become much easier to understand worldwide. The new emojis will start appearing in Google products by end of July. Google will also launch the new emoji library for the public on devices with Android 12 support. Google said that new emojis will also be made available on older versions with apps that have Appcompat support. The redesigned emoji library will come to YouTube Live Chat as well.