Combat Tech Support Scam Ads

Google Has Big Plans to Combat Tech Support Scam Ads


Tech Support Scams are some of the common areas that require proper attention from advertising networks like Google. Every day, a number of users are becoming victims to this issue, thus losing not only money but also valuable data. As it happens, most of these tech support scams reach users via advertisements, including the ones from Google Ads. The tech giant, however, is planning to take strict measures for dealing with this issue. Google said that it has a complete plan for reducing the reach of tech support ads through the network. This move is expected to reduce users’ exposure to such ads.

In order to maintain a healthy advertising ecosystem, Google will be making sure that tech support scam ads are not popularized through the network. There will be methods to subject every ad through proper scrutiny and only allow the genuine advertisements. First of all, Google is planning to restrict the number of ads that are run from this category. On a global level, Google Ad network will be showing a reduced number of tech support scam ads. Normally, this would result in the scenario where a user does not come across a support scam ad often. However, it’s not the only move.

Google will also be launching a proper verification system in the coming months. A tech support company would have to prove its legitimacy and authenticity before it can run corresponding ads on the network. At the same time, Google is working with law enforcement agencies to catch the big issue-makers in this type of tech scam. This is not the first time Google is trying to ensure transparency and safety of ads that are run via the network. Last year, the company had removed no less than 3 billion ads due to the lack of authenticity and legitimacy. Apparently, the latest decision would reduce the number of tech support scam victims also.